Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting my blog on...

I thought it was about time that I stopped talking and started doing. So here I am, uploading my first proper post. Woo! Hopefully it will be the start of many more to come. I'm pretty excited about where this could lead... so long as I stay motivated about documenting my inspirations for the purpose of motivation. Hmm.
Anyway, what a great time to start, as I had a wonderfully energising weekend. It was full of catching up with friends, catching up with with craft, art and design; catching up on thoughts of what I want from life. Well, that part is still developing but I certainly got the feint taste of something!
Beyond the taste for life goals, I was consumed by the taste of Olive Sourdough bread. I'm not sure if the name of the bread needs capitals but you know what, I think it deserves capitals so I'm handing them out. Oh my goodness. My sister Samantha (above) and I made a quick dash to the Richmond Farmers Market and both bought a loaf each. I believe that neither of the loaves lasted more than 36 hours.
One thing firmly cemented in my plans for the weekend was making a trip to the Ink & Spindle Open Studio day in Kensington. I had been looking forward to it for weeks, so it was a thrill to get there just in time for their printing demonstration. My good friend Renate, who I met during our Textile Design degree at RMIT, accompanied me to the studio. Even though she majored in Print, there were still a few new tricks of the trade to discover during the demonstration. My favourite features of their studio was the sticky table to hold the fabric in place (no more staples!) and a little roller bench of blow heaters to dry off the prints as they go. Genius! It seems that Ink & Spindle know how to run their business efficiently!
For lunch, Renate (above) and I walked up and down Racecourse Rd in Flemington many times, in many different directions before finally finding Laksa King. But oh my, it was worth it. I actually wasn't really in the mood for an Asian meal, but being in the neighbourhood, hearing so much about it and already making such an 'effort' to find it, I was determined to eat it. As soon as they brought the laksa out, I was immediately in the mood for it. Ohhhh, it was so so so yummy. I must thank a lovely girl named V for recommending the place. She knows her food.
After lunch Ren and I popped into the cafe next door for a coffee, because... as you may have guessed from the photos... she's recently engaged! Woo hoo! Renate and Jason got engaged in Hawaii, of course, on a sunset cruise, of course. Ohh, so romantic. Anyway, over coffee we immersed ourselves in wedding inspiration. I can tell already, it's going to be a beaaaautiful wedding. Thanks Ren for posing in very unnatural but big-sparkly-ring-flattering ways.
While I was passing through the city on Saturday afternoon, my eye was grabbed by the window displays at Myer (above). I love it! The colours are so bright but rich. The whole look is so fresh, exciting and invigorating! Lately I've been drawn to such bright colours. I think it must be the suspense of Spring. Arrive already, please!!!
On Sunday afternoon, after many slices of Olive Sourdough with mushrooms, egg and bacon, my dear friend Jane (also an RMIT Textile Design buddie) and I went to Thousand Pound Bend to investigate the Milk Market. It was just as trendy as I expected. Full of hand made and vintage deliciousness, with a live band to create a really awesome atmosphere.
To soak up the moment of the Milk Market, Jane (above) and I sat down for a drink. Jane's hot chocolate looked amaaaaazing. I couldn't get over the beautiful striped chocolate running so subtly down the glass. Oh, it's so nice to see natural pattern appearing so unexpectedly and so beautifully.
I am well behind my budget for the month, but that didn't stop me doing a little bit of shopping at the market. Sara Penman had a stall with some very unique jewellery that I just couldn't walk away from. She creates her work from animal bones. Yes, it's little creepy but well, I so love things that are a little bit creepy. My vegetarian housemate was a bit put off by my new purchase but Sara's work is done in an ethical fashion and uses bones from animals that have died of natural causes. That's me in the bottom left corner wearing my new necklace. You have to admit, it looks pretty cool.
After the market, Jane and I made our way to The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia and was blown away by an exhibition of John Davis' work. He was born in Ballarat (where I grew up), but in addition to that claim to fame, he created such visually interesting art! I didn't actually know who he was but I am now a big fan. It's hard to keep me away from anything in black and white really, especially if it's striped. Fortunately we were allowed to take photos, so these images should keep me smiling for a long time to come.
I love this quote from John Davis. I hope that perhaps it will ring true for my lifetime of design and creation.
There was a huge long wall of these fish. Absolutely stunning. On close inspection, there is such beautiful detail and interest but when standing back, you have such a simple but visually impacting display.
Organic but structured. Oh, how I love it!
Adding to my budget blow out, were the purchases of the above books. But hopefully it will give me huge motivation and inspiration to get my butt into gear to pursue some grand venture. I've been wanting to get Craft Inc. since... oh dear, I just realised I bought the wrong book. I think I actually wanted Creative Inc. But oh well, I'm still happy to stock up on my collection. I'll just have to order in Creative Inc. next pay day. I've been wanting to get Creative Inc. since Joy of Oh Joy! and Meg did a blog tour with their new book. ... Damn, I'm so silly. But it should give me plenty of good reading for the next few weeks.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I've been seeing. Apologies for my poor photographic skills. I only have my iPhone at the moment to snap some shots with. But it's better than nothing. I hope that this is not the last you will see of me. Until next time, have many lovely days, Emma.


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